When is Labor Day

Labor Day is a day, celebrated in honoring of American workers for their social and economic achievements. It has annually celebrated on first Monday of September. The day completely dedicated to workers and tributes also to working class for their involvement in power, wealth and happiness of country. The Labor Day was firstly planned by Mathew Maguire in 1882 but it was granted as an official holiday in 1894 after the big labor movement in the same year.

It became popular quickly and voted as a holiday. Most Americans accept this celebration as end of summer and celebrate the day with parties, parades and athlete and other events. Labor Day is a symbolic holiday for Americans, celebrated as end of summer and also a time when summer vacations are over and kids go back to schools. The people celebrated the day by enjoying picnic and close up the pool to enjoy boating. Most people believed that this is last picnic of the year. Across cities and towns of US, Labor Day is celebrated with several of activities like picnics, barbecues, parades, fireworks displays and other public events. People enjoy the day by doing such activities with lots of enthusiasm.

Do you need to be familiar with exact dates of Labor Day this year? Here we provide a complete chart with described precise dates of celebration. You can know the dates, the day of celebration fall in particular year. We also provide Labor Day dates year wise that help to know the dates for 3 to 4 years in advance.

YearLabor Day
2023September 5