When is Halloween

Appear between fall and winter, plethora and scarceness, life and death, Halloween is a time of Christian celebration that normally falls on October 31st. It was initiated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people usually wear costumes of different scary designs and light bonfires to depict nomadic ghosts.

With the passing time, Halloween grown into secular and society based festive event portrayed by child-friendly activities and other funny activities such as trick-or-treating. As the days turn shorter and the night as colder, people from numerous countries around the world keep on to drive in the winter season with getting-together, costumes and lovable treats.

This charming holiday began as end of summer celebration which people enjoy particularly with the closed friends and relatives. Numerous traditions are observed during the day. One popular custom is wearing costume for Halloween has both European and Celtic ancestry. The popular beliefs related to Halloween that ghosts return back to the earth and people thinking that they would encounter the ghosts if they absent from their homes. People usually wore the costumes and masks feature ghosts to stay away from familiar by these ghosts and they would oversight them for associate spirits.

Apart from such traditions, people enjoy this day with great enthusiasm and doing several of activities including partying, dancing to enjoy the celebration. We provide here complete info on when is Halloween that helps individual to find the exact dates of celebration year by year. Find the day, the Halloween dates will fall.

YearHalloween Falls Date / Date
2023October 31, Monday