When is Ramadan

Ramadan, a Muslim month, is a thirty days festival. It is also ninth month of Islamic calendar and during Ramadan, they avoid, food, drink and other physical needs during the day light. Entire day, Muslim communities usually take complete fast throughout full month till appearance of moon.

It is a devoted time to sanitize the soul, relocate interest on God and practice for self forfeit, Ramadan is most significant time for Muslim communities around the world. It was observed firstly 610 A.D., revealed by Muhammad, most devout person who belief greatly in their religion. Reading of Quran is continuing during the month of Ramadan in most mosques around the world.

Ramadan is a festival of fasting and Muslim communities devotedly fast during the month. Fasting is most important for Muslim and they take part in fasting called also as sawn from about age 12. Food, drinks including water is completely avoided by Muslim and also avoided physical activities. In the major Muslim communities, all restaurants are closed during the day and open only in the evening when they used to take a meal that observed before sun rises. According to the faith, fasting gives the opportunity to refresh self and purify the mind and body.

As Ramadan is most sacred month of Muslim communities, it is also important to know when is Ramadan. Do you want to know what the exact days and dates; the Ramadan goes through the month. Here we provides complete chart that depicts complete dates as well as days from starting to ending of this sacred month. You won't only find the dates for particular month also find about eight to ten months simultaneously.

YearRamadan Date
2023Saturday, 2 April - Monday, 2 May