When is The first day of Winter

First day of winter is a festival of beginning of winter solstice around the northern hemisphere that usually falls on December 21 every year. It is time when Sun appearing for short period during the day and at noon, it is at lowest attitude. Shortest day and longest night appears during entire winter and sun emerges at lowest point in the sky but noontime sometimes appears same as several days before and after the solstice.

After ending of the winter, days turn as longer and nights as shorter. The first day of winter really a great day for people around the northern hemispheres and they celebrated the day with great enthusiasm to welcome the winter season. Winter season truly enthuses both joy and woe and most people cannot wait for the cooler weather, snow and ice skating and the holiday spirit of the first day of winter. Apart from coolest whether and lots of snow falling, the season is really most enjoying time of the year.

During winter, snow starts to intersperse down onto landscape in some place and turning everything white. One can observe that there are peaceful sort of silence in the wild area when you walk through. All things are truly turn amazing and give a different charm to everyone. Do you want to make merry on the first day of winter, find here complete information on when is the first day of winter. We provide the precise dates regarding the celebrations year wise that help to know the exact day, the dates will fall in particular year.

YearWinter begins on...
2023December 21