When is The first day of Spring

Spring is a time of the year when flowers blossom, bird's squeak, ladybugs earth on screen doors, green buds become visible. The appearance of spring signifies the renewal of nature in northern Hemisphere and there is greenery all around. Beginning of spring is marked according to celestial position of the Sun and Earth that celebrated as the first day of spring.

The day normally falls on March 20th and 21st every year and people around northern hemisphere celebrated this day to welcoming the spring season. Early on march 20th, people welcomed the spring equinox when the Sun exactly rises in the east and sets in the west. On the first day of spring, the day and night begin equally. Due to movement of Sun towards the celestial equator and on its ride northward, the spring season ends and autumn season. As beginning of the first day of spring, people around the northern hemisphere celebrate the day with lots of enthusiasm and welcome the season of prosperity.

They enjoy the day by doing several of activities. People of all age group take part in celebration with same enthusiasm. Are you keen to enjoy this festival and get experience of beginning of spring in US and any other northern region? Find the complete details and dates here about the first day of spring. Here we describe the list of festival dates year wise that help people to recognize about the day, the dates usually falls. Discover here lots about the when is the first day of spring.

YearSpring begins on...
2023March 20