When is Hanukkah

Hanukkah is an eight days long Jewish holidays, known also as festival of lights. The festival is especially observed by the sticks of lights of an exclusive candelabrum that is a nine branched Hanukiah. One additional candle lights on each night during the celebration, succeeding to eight on the final night. According to the history, Hanukkah was started around 200 B.C. in Judea.

Jewish law hasn't given so important to festival but it has become much popular amongst the Christians community and celebrated passionately by them. The festival appears usually on twenty fifth day of Jewish month and the first day of festivity appears on dissimilar dates every year typically in December month. Over time, Hanukkah has got much more festive significance.

Popularly known as Hanukiah, the celebration of Hanukkah turns around the kindling of a nine pronged menorah. Each of holiday's night's features lightening of nine candles added to the menorah after sunset. The ninth candle called as Shamash used to light other eight candles. Most Jews live in currently Christian societies; Hanukkah also gets popularity amongst the Christians. The children generally obtain the gifts as one gift for each night of festival. Parents expect that by creating something special in Hanukkah, children won't experience missing out of all the festivities of Christmas just around them.

Would you like to know that when is Hanukkah? In our section given below, you can find complete date lists of celebration year by year. The dates for every year are different, so you can find here exact dates of Hanukkah for particular year.

YearHanukkah starts at sundown on...Hanukkah ends on
2021November 28December 06