Dates of Famous Celebrations Around the World

As we know, numbers of holidays and festivals are celebrated all through the world. But very few people know the exact dates of celebrations. The celebrations around the world are deeply related to different cultures, religions, sacred and nationalized/government holidays. The manner of celebration is also different amongst the diverse culture. Some of the celebrations like New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day etc are similarly celebrated in entire world and people related to different cultures are madly participated in these festivals. Are you familiar with the dates of famous celebration around the world? offers full information about the dates of entire celebrations around the world that help you to know the specific dates of particular holidays and events.

In our section, you will get list of all major celebrations and its precise dates. We provide the dates not only for a particular year, provide about next five or six year also. It helps really to know the dates of particular year as you would like. Along with dates, you will find also brief details about celebrations and important days that helps to be little familiar with such holidays. In this section, you will also find the dates of celebrations similarly observed throughout the world. Visit to, if you want to know complete details about the celebrations around the world. For more information, see below section.